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Cultural Factors

Cultural Factors

Cultural Factors:Culture, subculture, and social class are particularly important influences on consumer buying behavior Culture is the fundamentals determine of a person’s wants and behavior.

Through family and other key institution a child growing up in the united states is exposed to values such as achievements and success, activity, efficiency and practicality progress material comfort individualism freedom have a different view of self relationship to others and rituals.

Marketers must closely attend to cultural values in every country to understand how to best market their existing products and find opportunities for new products. Each culture of smaller subcultures that provide more specific identification and socialization for their members sub-cultural includes nationalities religions racial groups and geographic regions.

When subculture grow large and affluent enough companies often design specialized marketing programs to serve them.

Virtually all human societies exhibit social stratification most often in the from of social classes, relatively homogeneous and enduring divisions in a society of social classes in the united states defined seven ascending levels:

(1) lower lowers

(2) upper lowers

(3) working class

(4) middle class

(5) Upper middles

(6) lower Uppers

(7) upper Uppers

Social class members show distinct product and brand preferences in many areas.

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