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Defining Marketing for the New Realities

Defining Marketing for the New Realities

Defining Marketing for the New Realities: Formally or informally, people and organizations engage in a vast number of activities we can call marketing.

In the face of a digital revolution and other major changes in the business environment, good marketing today is both increasingly vital and radically new. Consider Unilever.


Defining Marketing for the New Realities

Under the leadership of ex-P&G marketing executive Paul Polman and marketing whiz keith Weed, Unilever is steering in an aggressive new direction.

It’s new marketing model “Crafting Brands for Life” establishes social, economic, and product missions for each brand, including Dove, Ben & Jerry’s, lifebuoy, and Knorr, Polman States, “I have a vision of all or our brands being a force for good, with each having over a billion fans or more to help drive changes.”

One part of the mission, for instance, is sustainability—specifically, to halve its ecological footprint while doubling revenues.

To improve advertising and marketing communications, it aims to strike a balance between “magic” and “logic” doubling marketing training expenditures and emphasizing ad research.

To better understand the digital world, CMO Weed took 26 top marketing executives to Silicon Valley to visit Google, Facebook, and Hulu and Led a similar group to visit Hollywood executives at Disney and Universal.

Unilever has set its sights on developing and emerging (D&E) markets, hoping to grow 15 percent to 20 percent annually in China and to draw 70 percent to 75 percent of business from D&E markets by 2020.

The company has also adopted “reverse innovation” by applying branding and packaging innovations from developing markets to recession-hit developed markets.

In Spain, it now sells Surf detergent in five-wash packs.

In Greece, it offers mashed potatoes and mayonnaise in small packages.


Good Marketing is no Accident: It is both an art and a science, and it results from careful planning and execution using state-of-the-art tools and techniques. In this blog, we describe how skillful marketers are updating classic practices and inventing new ones to find creative, practical solutions to new marketing realities.

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