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Household Patterns

Household Patterns

Household Patterns: The traditional U.S. Household included a husband. Wife, and children under 18. By 2010 Only 20 percent of US.

Households met his definition, Down form about 25 percent a decade before and 43 percent in 1950. Married couples have dropped below half of all US.

Household for the first time 48 percent far below the 78 percent of 1950.

The median age at first marriage has also never been higher: 26.5 for brides and 28.7 for grooms.

The us family has been steadily evolving toward less traditional forms.

More people are divorcing separating choosing not to marry, or marrying later. Other types of households are single live alone 27 percent single percent families 8 percent childless married couples and empty nesters 32 percent living with non-relatives only 5 percent and other family structures 8 percent.

The biggest change for the decade was the jump in households headed by women without husbands up 18 percent.

Nontraditional households are growing more rapidly than traditional households. Academics and marketing experts estimate the gay and lesbian population at 4 percent to 8 percent of the total US. population higher in urban areas.

Even traditional households have changed boomer dads marry later than their fathers and grandfathers did, shop more and are much more active in raising their kids, Bugaboo makes innovative baby strollers that speaks to modern parents bugaboo’s iconic functional stroller have unique designs and functionalities such as adjustable suspension and an extendable handle bar perfect for taller dads. And before dyson the high end vacuum company appealed to US.

Inner geek by focusing on the machine revolutionary, technology men were not even on the radar for vacuum cleaner sales. Now they make up percent of Dyson’s customers.

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