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Speechless APK

in this post we will tell you Speechless APK

Speechless APK

Speechless writes down your voice messages.

You can just forward a WhatsApp voice note to the app and within seconds you’ll get a text ready to be copied or shared easily.

Works also with any voice memo.

10 languages supported already!

whatsapp note voice memo message speak text speechless


Put on headphones, turn up volume, push the button and try to say something. Can you defeat the app and speak clearly?

Speechless replays everything you say with a short delay. This momentarily confuses the brain and disturbs speech. The phenomenon is well-studied and is used in more serious Delay Auditory Feedback (DAF) devices. It was also recently used to create Speech Jammer gun. Give it a try and have fun!

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for downloading this app click the button given bellow.

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