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InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall Latest Apk

In this Article we tell You About InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall Latest Apk  .InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall Apk

InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall Apk

Internet Guard Data Saver Firewall Wall is a tool app developed by Shaykh Sass. We only share original APK files. You can download and install the latest version  of InternetGuard Data Saver Firefox APK from our live download link. On this page, we provide the Firewall 2.0 APK file for InternetGuard Data Saver 5.1 and above .It is a free app listed in the Tools category. Use the download button at the top to download this app.

InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall Apk

Hey, if you’re looking for the best Internet Security application then try the app to avoid internet protection data. Space can only be accessible to your WiFi and more compact data can be allowed. You can easily save your internet.

Stop accessing the web by Internet Guard APK

Reduce your data usage

Save your battery

Increase your security

Control your mobile apps

Easily allow / block app connectivity

Block formation application development

Be warned to reach new apps on the Internet

Block Adult Website

InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall Apk

                      Internet fiber wall features

Easy to use

• Download Android firewall with no no * root !!

Not calling home

• Following or not the following

• Made and maintained effectively

• Android 5.1 and later maintained

• Maintain IPv4 / IPv6 TCP / UDP

• Maintain the cooling

• Maintain multiple device clients

• Optional when on screen

Optional piece when booking

• Optional square system applications

* Automatic delivery to start harassment

* Automatically recognizes the applications offered on your mobile phone

* Identify and notify the web acquired as long-known applications

* Allow / Block Set, at the beginning of each application

* Disable setting up for picked applications

* Get full data detectable quality

• Blue theme of material with light and slow point

• Apply all agreeable development; Chase and channel tries; exchange of PCA reports to analyze action

• Distribute / Allow Specific Areas per Percent

• New application notice; Explicitly noticeable to Master Mind Internet Guard AP

• Carefully show master-speed speed in the estate bar

• Choose from two additional articles in a bright and slow format

There is no other firewall wall offering each of them.


Guard Apk

It’s an invention. Internet protection uses your device’s VPN package to make firewall wall. As per your application experience, via every data distribution or your experiences, VPN, close to all drawings and development of dynamic data is credited through internet surveillance.

Too much part, in any case, is that the Internet defender now comes with the convenience of using your data that lets you check the data usage for each application. To see usage, select the data from the home screen.

InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall Apk


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